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Get Ready to Swing for the Pixels: Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory Presents 'Retro Bits & Baseball Hits'

Play ball! The Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory is gearing up to knock it out of the park with its latest temporary exhibit, 'Retro Bits & Baseball Hits.' Step into a exhibit where the crack of the bat meets the clicking of a controller, now on display through October.

Prepare to dive into a world of nostalgia and home runs as 'Retro Bits & Baseball Hits' brings together the best of both worlds: baseball and retro gaming. Featuring 13 stations equipped with classic video game consoles, visitors can slide into the golden era of gaming while celebrating America's favorite pastime.

In collaboration with the Louisville Arcade Expo, this exhibit promises an unforgettable experience for gamers and baseball enthusiasts alike. And if that's not enough, a classic Ms. Pacman/Galaga arcade cabinet adds an extra level of retro fun to the mix.

From the nostalgic charm of the NES to the excitement of the Nintendo Switch, 'Retro Bits & Baseball Hits' offers something for every generation of gamer. With titles like R.B.I Baseball, Super Baseball 2020, and Ken Griffey Jr. Presents - Major League Baseball, there's no shortage of innings to play through and high scores to beat.

"We're excited to hit a home run with 'Retro Bits & Baseball Hits,'" says Deana Lockman, Executive Director at the Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory. "This exhibit is a celebration of the timeless appeal of baseball and the joy of retro gaming. Whether you're a seasoned gamer or a rookie at the controls, there's fun to be had for everyone."

The fun doesn't stop there! 'Retro Bits & Baseball Hits' will be open to guests through October, with entry included with admission to the museum. So grab your controller and join the museum for a summer of home run heroics and pixelated perfection.

Some game highlights include:

NES mini - (Nintendo Entertainment System)

R.B.I Baseball

Baseball Stars

Bases Loaded 2


Baseball Simulator 1000

Base Wars


SNES mini - (Super Nintendo Entertainment system)

Ken Griffey Jr presents - Major League Baseball

Super Baseball 2020

Extra Innings

Ken Griffey Jr's Winning Run

Super Batter Up


Sega Genesis mini

Sports Talk Baseball

Tommy Lasorda Baseball

World Series 95

Frank Thomas Big Hurt Baseball

Triple Play Gold

Sony Playstation 1

Triple Play 2000

MLB 99


Nintendo Wii

Wii Sports

Nintendo Gamecube

Mario Superstar Baseball


Nintendo Switch

Super Mega Baseball 4


Ms. Pacman/Galaga