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Living Legend Award

In 2007, the Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory Living Legend Award was created — honoring a person whose career in baseball, and life outside the game, have taken on legendary qualities; recognizing a triple threat of talents, achievement, and personal conduct. Beyond statistics, recipients of this award have demonstrated an exceptional impact, shaping baseball and American culture as we know it today.

Our Living Legend recipient receives a customized ring, highlighting his pivotal career achievements. The festive celebration coincides with our annual live auction of fantastic baseball memorabilia every year, conducted by Hunt Auctions Inc. It's no wonder that this event makes for such a memorable and historic night!

Silver Slugger Teams

Louisville Slugger created the Silver Slugger Team in 1980. These special trophies go to the top offensive performer in each position across both leagues. The Silver Slugger Team "line-up" is decided by coaches and managers, voting for the players they'd most like to have on their team — based solely on performance at the plate. The coaches and managers consider a combination of offensive stats for the season along with their personal impressions of a player's overall success at bat. They vote for nine players within their own league (anyone outside of one of their own team members).

The sterling-plated trophy is three feet tall, featuring the engraved names and positions of the other players on the team. Every winter, these awards can be found on display in our museum gallery; up until they are shipped to the teams to award to their players prior to the next season.