Hold a Piece of History

Yes. You Really Get To Do This.

Hold a Piece of History

Truth be told, our curator was a little freaked out when we decided to let guests hold bats that were actually used by the greatest players in the game. We’re talkin’ legends like Mickey Mantle, Johnny Bench, David Ortiz, Derek Jeter and many more past and present heroes.

These are genuine artifacts, real pieces of history. And, yes, you get to hold them!

We pioneered this hands-on approach to sharing a museum collection with our Hold a Piece of History exhibit. The experience proved so popular we now have at least one bat from every major league team, including your favorite.

What's Happening

Daily Programming
January 1st 2021
Daily Through December 31st 2021

Daily Programming

In addition to our fascinating bat factory tour, amazing artifacts, and interactive exhibits- don't miss our entertaining daily programming!