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The Sandlot Hits Home in Louisville

The Sandlot came to play, and what a day we had!

Our For-Ev-Ver Fest featured lots of Sandlot-themed fun and games, from costume contests to s’mores smack-downs.

We all love a good s’more, but as an extra-special sweet treat, fans could ask questions and hear tales from the movie’s Writer-Director-Narrator, David Mickey Evans, Props Master Terry Haskell, and Cast Member Shane Obedzinski, who played “Tommy ‘Repeat’ Timmons.”

When the trio arrived, we started with a bat factory tour guided by our Tour Director, P.J. “Smalls” Shelley.

“You’re killing me, Shelley!”

Our factory produced 1960s replica bats that were used in the 1993 movie, and several of those prop bats are in our special mini-exhibit, “Legends Never Die!” THE SANDLOT Celebrates 25 Years.

David, Terry, and Shane enjoyed their return to The Sandlot as they looked at items in our exhibit and reminisced about those fun and nostalgic times during the making of the movie.

The Q-and-A session in our main gallery was top-notch entertainment, as the three friends shared stories and secrets directly with fans in the audience, just a few feet away.

Our exclusive mini-exhibit, “Legends Never Die!” THE SANDLOT Celebrates 25 Years, showcases authentic props from the movie, artwork, and behind-the-scenes photography.

My two favorite pieces in the show are Squints’ glasses and the periscope made from Wheaties boxes.

When you visit the exhibition, be sure to look closely at these two authentic props. We learned some fun tidbits about them during For-Ev-Ver Fest.

If you wear glasses, there’s a good chance you’ve had to jerry-rig them with a safety pin when the teeny-tiny temple screw fell out. I’ve done it more than once over the years, so I was tickled to see this safety pin in Squints’ glasses!

Props master Terry Haskell told the crowd the glasses took a beating and actually had the safety pin in them while the movie was being made.

The Wheaties periscope underwent a fun “alteration” during the shoot. On the back of one of the boxes, the “Pick Your Trip” contest became “Pick Your Nose,” thanks to the young cast members! Haskell said, “I gave it to them and told them to make it their own.”

You can see the handwritten gag below.

Writer-Director David Mickey Evans knows how to tell a great story, onscreen and off! This 4-minute video by Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory team member, Nick Fuchs, includes one of the funniest behind-the-scenes stories that Evans shared with the crowd –

Our “Legends Never Die!” mini-exhibit is on display until September 9 and is included with regular admission. Memorable movie items in the show include:

- The sacred Babe Ruth baseball that must be retrieved from The Beast
- Squints’ iconic eyeglasses
- Louisville Slugger bats swung by the team
- The cereal box periscope from the gang’s treehouse
- Baseball items from Mr. Mertle’s home

In addition to the props, photography from the set provides an exclusive glimpse into the magic of Hollywood film-making. Plus, the original storyboard binder with amazing hand-drawn artwork is shown, along with a copy that guests can page through.

Here’s a hand-drawn rendering of the chase scene –


It’s time to lace-up your PF Flyers and come back to The Sandlot at Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory!

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