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At Bat Today

Signing the Greatest Since 1905

At Bat Today

The first player to sign a contract with Hillerich &Bradsby Co. was Honus Wagner in 1905. Since then more than 8,000 players have signed with Louisville Slugger. Christian Yelich made history as the first player to sign his contract at Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory. He’s pictured above doing just that with Louisville Slugger Pro Bat Representative, James Sass.

When players sign a contract with Louisville Slugger, that autograph is used to make the signature brand for their bats. Players have told us they knew they’d “made it” when they saw their signature on a Louisville Slugger bat for the first time!

The history of Hillerich & Bradsby Co. and Louisville Slugger is one authentic element that sets us apart. But Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory celebrates the here and now too. Today’s sluggers know they’re teaming up not only with our heritage but also our cutting-edge, current day research and technology. We haven’t been making bats this long without some serious innovations that keep us at the top of our game. That’s why players like these superstars step to the plate with Louisville Slugger today.

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